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Supporting the 12-Step program of recovery in a structured, safe, clean and accountable atmosphere. Sober Living in Austin (TX), Houston (TX), Colorado Springs (CO) and Chicago (IL).

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Eudaimonia Recovery Homes understands the transition process to sober living, can be an anxious and an unknown process. Our experienced staff will assist you in transitioning to sober living. As a result, we have assisted hundreds of individuals in transitioning and completing sober living since 2009. Therefore we are available seven days a week. We will answer any questions about the sober living or outpatient treatment.

Our Sober Living Homes

Our sober living homes are a continuation of the recovery process as a result of completing a rehab program. Hence our structured communities allow for residents to continue their recovery growth for 3 to 6 months. While growing, there is no minimum length of stay. Therefore, residents can stay as long as they wish. In conclusion, our communities are designed for individuals to develop life and recovery skills, so each resident will enjoy and succeed in a life of recovery.

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes shares the same goals as our residents. As a result, we proudly provide sober living in Austin Texas, also, sober living in Houston Texas and sober living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Furthermore, our sober living in Austin Texas facility, has sober living for men, also women and for the LGBTQ community. In addition, our sober living in Houston Texas and sober living in Colorado Springs, Colorado facilities, is designed sober living for both men and women. Finally, we provide recovery support services and have outpatient treatment options available. Apply Here to continue your recovery process.

Men's Sober Living

Women's Sober Living

LGBTQ Sober Living

Our Sober Living Locations

While we offer several location options, all sober living locations are designed in the same manner. As a result, residents will receive the same program curriculum, client commitments and courteous staff everywhere. Furthermore, the admissions process for sober living is the same for all locations. Therefore, select the location of your choosing and our admissions team will guide you from start to finish. Apply Here to continue your recovery process.

Sober Living in Austin Texas

Sober Living in Houston Texas

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Available Outpatient Treatment

In addition to becoming a resident of sober living in Austin Texas, sober living in Houston Texas or sober living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, enrolling in an outpatient treatment program will probably increase your opportunity for success. As a result, an outpatient treatment program will teach you more about recovery and most of all, you will receive additional clinical support while transitioning from an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center to a life of recovery. Most noteworthy, residents of our sober living in Austin Texas facilities, and sober living in Houston Texas facilities and our sober living in Colorado Springs, Colorado facilities, will receive our recovery support services, in addition to sober living. Apply Here to continue your recovery process. Also there in an application button below.

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