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Supporting the 12-Step program of recovery in a structured, safe, clean and spiritual atmosphere. Sober Living Home in Austin, Tx , Houston, Texas and Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Eudaimonia Recovery Homes understands the transition process to sober living or to outpatient treatment, can be an anxious and an unknown process. Our staff has personal experience with transitioning to sober living and outpatient treatment, and has assisted hundreds of individuals in transitioning and completing sober living and outpatient treatment since 2009. Our professional and experienced staff is available to assist you in transitioning into sober living or outpatient treatment. We are available seven days a week to assist and answer question about the sober living or outpatient process.


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faviconEudaimonia recovery homes provides sober living austin locations. We offer sober living for men in Austin, sober living for women in Austin and sober living for LGBT in Austin. We also provide sober living Houston location and sober living Colorado Springs locations,

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