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Top 10 spots where addicts hide drugs

Although the decades have changed, where addicts hide drugs has mostly remained the same. Although the common spots of shoes and clothes will always be around, the advancement of products has decreased the amount of plain sight hiding spots where addicts hide drugs.

View the gallery below for the top 10 places teens hide drugs.


It may seem like an obvious place to look, but a lot of addicts get away with simply keeping small packages in their wallet. Often times a wallet is not fully searched during security checks to festivals and events.

Stash Objects

A lot of products such as lighters, cologne or even soda cans have ‘stash’ versions sold online where secret compartments have been built directly into the product.

Socks & Shoes

Socks and shoes are also extremely common, but not just inside of them the way you may think. Hidden compartments in either the sole or the tongue of a shoe are becoming more common, or even in baggies hidden between the toes.


Pens with the inkwell removed offer enough room for a joint or small rolled up baggy.

Mint Containers

Although opened containers are usually required to be thrown away upon entry to a concert, a lot of teens have successfully snuck in pills within mint containers, even lacing mints themselves with drugs like LSD.

Makeup & Lip Balm

Small containers holding makeup or lip balm can be easily hollowed out and filled with drugs, some teens are even clever enough to leave the some of the product on top in order to conceal drugs even if they are searched.


Products that appear to be necessary for a particular individual to carry that have to do with their health (such as inhalers) are even less likely to come under scrutiny, offering even better places to stash drugs after being deconstructed.


For an addict with a lot of hair, it makes the perfect spot to be able to hide a small package or joint.


Along the same line as makeup and lip balm, deodorant containers can usually be manipulated even easier allowing for even more room for drugs and paraphernalia.

Directly on the body.

A lot of addicts hide their drugs directly on their body, whether it being taped to their skin or within the strapped area of their underwear. For guys this is most often the crotch area, while for girls it is oftentimes inside a bra.

Top 10 spots where addicts hide drugs on a larger scale

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