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Men's sober living in Austin Texas

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Men’s Sober Living in Austin Texas

All our men’s sober living in Austin Texas homes are completely furnished. Every room is equipped with a flat screen tv, bedding, and dressers. WiFi is broadcasted throughout the entire home and we provide a washer, dryer, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and a fully stocked kitchen with cooking and eating utensils. In most cases, each room sleeps two men.

Our men’s sober living homes are located near the Capital Metro bus route, and each house has ample vehicle parking. We provide a safe, sober and structured living environment that is designed around each of our resident’s needs. Our program structure and curriculum is design and implemented by each locations’ Program Coordinator and House Manager or Resident Care Adviser. Aside from our men’s sober living homes we also offer men’s sober living apartment communities. More information about sober living apartment communities can be found here.

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