During my using career, I was never thankful for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Having to spend the day with the family when all I wanted to do was get high. Of course, the food tasted better when I was high, but dealing with the emotional stress and tension didn’t make it worth it. I used on all the holidays, it was just another day to me, but Thanksgiving was the worst. No gifts, which means I didn’t have anything to pawn later at the shop. Slowly but surely I began to check out mental during holiday gatherings with the family. Physically I was there, but I wanted nothing to do with my family. Towards the end of my addiction I just stopped showing up. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you can relate. After I completed a drug and alcohol treatment center and moved into a sober living in Austin, Texas, enjoying family time and holiday gatherings became something I looked forward to.

After getting sober life took on a whole new meaning, which means Holidays took on a new meaning to. I wanted to spend the time with my family and be there mentally for them. Experiencing these events sober was emotional. I didn’t do it alone though; my family knew about my situation. They knew that I was recovering from drug addiction. As I starting to spend the holidays with the family, things started to come together. Recovery taught me how to appreciate myself and those around me, it taught me how to give back and gives thanks.

If you’re staying home this holiday season or planning on traveling here or some tips that helped me out.

Find A Meeting/Event

This works both ways, staying home or traveling. Plan ahead, if you’re going somewhere else for the holidays look online for a meeting nearby and hold yourself accountable to going to it. Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you get to take a break from recovery. If you’re staying home, search the events happening nearby that day. Many club houses and recovery centers have holidays events in the area. Sober living in Austin Texas homes often have gatherings and meetings to attend during this time of the year.

Find A Meeting Here

Keep First Things First Thanksgiving Potluck – Austin

Create a New Thanksgiving Day Tradition

If you find yourself staying home this holiday season, make the best of it. If you have leftovers from your holiday dinner, use some containers around the house and package up the leftovers and hand them out to people who need it. This is the season of giving back. Look inside your closet for some old jackets you haven’t worn in years and hand those out to. If anything, be grateful for the new life that you have and pass that along to others.  Friendsgiving is a popular tradition among friends. Invite over your sober friends for a thanksgiving feast.

How to Host an Amazing Friendsgiving

Give Back

This is the season of giving back. Have a few recovery friends over that didn’t get to go home for the holidays. Play board games and eat turkey till you’re full! One of the secrets to staying sober long term is to enjoy your sobriety. Get some likeminded friends together and go out and feed the homeless, or take a meeting to a recovery center Texas where the clients DON’T get to leave for the holidays.

Operation Turkey Day

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Eudaimonia Recovery Homes operates sober living in Austin Texas. Therefore, we provide sober living in Austin Texas for men, also women and the LGBT community. Most noteworthy, we have recently launched our sober living apartment community as another option for sober living in Austin Texas.

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Eudaimonia Recovery Homes offers sober living in Texas and sober living in Colorado. As a result, our available sober living services are; men sober living, also women sober living and LGBT sober living. Sober living services will vary by state location and city location.

Eudaimonia Extended Aftercare is an extended care program in Texas. Therefore the program length is a six week minimum. As a result, this length of time will allow for a maximum opportunity for success.

Outpatient treatment in Austin, Texas and outpatient treatment in Houston, Texas, is available. Our outpatient treatment program is especially relevant for individuals struggling with substance abuse.

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sober living homes in TexasOur sober living in Houston Texas homes, are design for individuals who have recently graduated from an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab. The sober living in Houston, Texas structure is designed for individuals to continue a life of sobriety. Each resident of the sober living in Houston, Texas homes is assigned a sober coach and a house manager. This two person team will ensure each resident's experience is safe, clean and accountable. For more information about sober living in Texas contact us today!

Sober Living in Texas

Our sober living in Texas homes, are designed for graduate of an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab. The sober living in Texas structure, is designed for individuals to continue a new life of sobriety. Each resident of the sober living in Texas homes is assigned a sober coach and a house manager. This two person team will ensure each resident of the sober living in Texas homes experience is safe, clean and accountable. For more information about sober living in Texas contact us today!

faviconSober living homes provide a structured and accountable environment for individuals to thrive within their sobriety. Our certified sober living homes, have strict substance abuse policies, on-site management and offer additional programs to maximize long term sobriety success. Unlike the halfway house model, our sober living homes are designed around continued recovery, improving life skills and can be coupled with outpatient treatment services.

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