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Today we will explore the five top reasons why sober living is important during early recovery and why sober homes Austin Texas can play an important role when choosing the right facility for you. When an addict is serious about their recovery they’re going to go to any length to achieve long term sobriety. After completion of a drug and alcohol rehab center your discharge coordinator will recommend a sober living home.  The accountability and support from a sober living home is the reason why addicts need to move in directly after treatment. Newly recovering addicts need to be reminded that no matter how far down the road of addiction they have gone, a new life in recovery is there.

Accountability: In Recovery addicts are taught a new word: Accountability. It is incredibly hard to change a pattern that is why sober living practices accountability. Requiring residents to pick up after themselves and make their beds every day this simple form of accountability builds a solid foundation going forward.  Sober Living is designed to remind people that those types of old behaviors like leaving dishes in the sink or not picking up your personal space is release behavior. Being home by curfew, making required meetings, and daily house chores are just some of the simple steps to accountability. Every sober living house has an onsite manager who leads by example and helps with inspiring each resident to become responsible. Holding oneself accountable is the goal all sober living houses strive to achieve.

On Site Staff: Every sober living house has an onsite manager who leads by example and helps with inspiring each resident to become responsible. The Austin Sober Living Apartment community has apartment building mangers and 24/7 on site staff. We also provide our residents with a recovery coach. This coach will help their residents with life skills, finding a job, and becoming more productive citizens.

Cost of Living: Most addicts just entering into recovery are usually short on money. Some of them are coming off the streets and haven’t had a dollar in a while. Sober living is an affordable price to those seeking structure, rules, and accountability. Sober Living in Austin Texas is much less expensive than getting your own apartment. The cost cannot be compared when you count in the support that is free at a sober living house.

Unity: It said all the times in the rooms that you need a fellowship of likeminded people to help you in your sobriety. Creating new friendships that could last a life time happens inside a sober living home. Catching rides to meetings, going food shopping, or going to go see a local band play. You will always have someone to hang out with.

It’s the right thing to do: There are a lot of misconceptions on what sober living is and what It is not. Regardless of your past experiences recovery teaches us to remain open minded. A safe structured sober living home provides recovery support that is exactly what addicts need when starting down this path to a new life.

The Newest Sober Living Community

Sober Homes Austin Texas have found that many addicts are moving into a newly renovated sober living apartment community. This 54-unit sober living apartment offers a safe sober environment for those seeking recovery. Eudaimonia Recovery Homes understands the transition process to sober living can be an anxious and an unknown process and our experienced staff is here to assist in transitioning to sober living. As a result, we have assisted hundreds of individuals in transitioning and completing sober living since 2009. We are available seven days a week and will answer any questions about Sober Homes Austin texas or outpatient treatment. Contact us today.

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