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After primary addiction treatment, Eudaimonia Recovery Homes wants to provide their residents with recovery support and has therefore designed an addiction curriculum, with the goal of long-term, even lifetime, recovery that includes abstinence from alcohol, drug use and achieving a life of happiness. Indeed having recovery support is a key component in the recovery process. And while recovery meetings in Texas are an important step of recovery, a structured recovery curriculum is a crucial component that will ensure our clients stay sober in the long run.

Relapse is most common in the first 90 days after completion of primary treatment. Our Recovery Support Program is designed to help clients achieve a foundation of recovery, in this time frame.

The primary goal of our Recovery Support Program is to develop and learn life skills, grow and participate in a program of recovery. To help build a firm foundation in recovery and assist in preventing relapse, our Recovery Support Program is comprised of the following:

Addiction Monitoring Program (AMP)

AMP program - recovery supportBenefits

A Program Coordinator is a peer recovery support specialist. Recoveree’s will benefit from the extra support of an individual Program Coordinator, who has walked through the obstacles presented in early recovery. The Program Coordinator assists the individual to become engaged in a program of recovery; by applying the tools and principles associated with the life that is conducive to a recovered state of mind, body, and spirit. Having a third party involved will allow the family to focus on rebuilding the family unit. The coach will assist each family member in releasing overwhelming fear and taking on unrealistic responsibility for the recoveree’s life. The Program Coordinator facilitates the rebuilding and healing of the family by providing an accurate picture of the recoveree’s successes, obstacles and opportunities.

We provide ongoing support for those seeking a life in recovery, by implementing motivational practices, which when practiced, will lead the newly sober recoveree into a recovered state.

The Addiction Monitoring Program aids in relapse prevention by equipping the recoveree with the tools necessary to combat alcoholism and addiction. Behaviors, attitudes and actions can signal a life not conducive to recovery. Relapse occurs before the actual use of drugs and alcohol. AMP is designed to increase an individuals’ success in his / her life. AMP has established a “circle of support” which includes family, therapists, sponsors, house managers, and all other pertinent individuals involved in the recoveree’s life.

Program Outline

The AMP program is a curriculum driven program. The recovery coach will implement and assist each client, with completing each of the 12 recovery curriculum modules. Each module is design to teach life skills, provide clarity and empower every client to create their vision of long-term sobriety.

The AMP program curriculum, consist of the following modules:

  • Module 1: Ideal Sponsor
  • Module 2: What I Want to Achieve
  • Module 3: Monthly Budget
  • Module 4: Employment Design
  • Module 5: Resume Building
  • Module 6: Needs vs. Wants
  • Module 7: Relationships
  • Module 8: Rebuilding Family Relationships
  • Module 9: Sober Fun
  • Module 10: Home Group
  • Module 11: Giving Back
  • Module 12: Moving Forward

Every module is client response driven, with a focus from the Program Coordinator, on defining the vision, learning and achieving the life skill. Some of these modules may cause unresolved issues to arise. To assist with the clinical issues, clients can have the support of a counselor to process this issue, in the moment.

Once the 12 modules are completed, clients and/or their families can choose to continue the monitoring process at an affordable monthly subscription.

The AMP program may also be enrolled in as a stand-alone service for a monthly subscription.

Three Phase Program

Three Phase Program - recovery supportBenefits

Our Three Phase Program is designed to teach both life skills, and responsibility. The program is designed to help client’s acclimate into their newfound freedom of choice. Each phase, has specific objectives, for each client to achieve. For each objective, a new responsibility or reward is achieved. As more life skills and responsibilities are accomplished, each client assimilates into real world recovery.

Program Outline

Throughout the journey of each client’s program, his or her recovery coach will assist him or her with completing each objective. Through the relationship between the client and the AMP coach, questions, determination and progress will be made. The objectives and rewards below, are an overview and not necessarily in corresponding order.

Phase 1
Objectives Category Rewards
Obtain a Sponsor Recovery Foundation Curfew Extensions
Living Quarters Life Skills Overnight Pass
Employment Life Skills Curfew Time Change
Program Participation Recovery Foundation
Phase 2
Objectives Category Rewards
Service Work Recovery Foundation Curfew Extensions
Budgeting Life Skills Additional Overnight Passes
Maintain Employment Life Skills Curfew Time Change
Sponsoring Others Recovery Foundation Drop Down in Program Structure
Phase 3
Objectives Category Rewards
Maintain Service Work Recovery Additional Weekend Passes
Community Involvement Recovery Drop Down in Program Structure
Maintain Employment Life Skills
Program Compliance Recovery Foundation

Support Employment Volunteering (SEV)

SEV - recovery support logoBenefits

After primary addiction treatment, transitioning into a life of sobriety, can be difficult. In addiction, we often develop a style of living, conducive to our addiction. While in an inpatient rehab center, we quickly adapted to an early morning structure and our daily activities were scheduled.

The transition from this regiment to sober living is a change. This changed is caused by the increase in choices, responsibilities and life skills. To assist in this transition, our SEV curriculum is designed to develop the necessary tools for this type of transition.

Program Outline

SEV group is held three days a week, for two hours a day. The program is a licensed outpatient program, focused on chemical dependency education and life skills. The first hour is focused on the Support curriculum and administered by a clinical team member. The second hour of group is focused on Employment and Volunteering. Our in house life coach or a member of our clinical team facilitates the curriculum.

Support – This section of our curriculum, is focused on relapse prevention. Our clinical team member will facilitate our three-week support curriculum. The curriculum is comprised of the following modules:

  1. The Risk of Relapse
  2. The Causes of Relapse
  3. Types of Relapse Prevention Techniques

Each module, will be given a full week of attention, will focus on education, preparation and implementation of counter measure techniques.

Alcohol & Core Drug Screening & Toxicology Reporting

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes tests for over 70 substances, including synthetics, and obtains immediate results for all of the following and more: THC, COC, OPI, AMP, MET, PCP, MDMA, BAR, BZO, MTD, TCA and OXY.

After our onsite test is preformed, all samples are sent to a toxicology laboratory. Within 48 hours our samples are tested for alcohol, core drugs, and synthetics like spice and bath salts. Alcohol use is determined through ETG and ETS testing.

Through the use of the toxicology laboratory, we prevent and verify any false positives that may occur from prescribed medication. Our testing method is cutting edge and ensures no one’s sobriety is jeopardized from drug use or from prescribed medications.

All members participate in the Eudaimonia Screening Program. This program is accounted for in our monthly program cost.

Benefits of the Eudaimonia Alcohol & Drug Screening Program

  • Adequate drug testing time coverage
  • Simple performance method
    • Accurate testing results
    • No false positives
    • Confirmed laboratory results in 72 hours
  • 24/7/365 website access to results
  • Access to printed test results
  • Peace of mind, your love one is maintaining sobriety

On-Site Management

Each house is managed by House Manager or Resident Care Advocate (RCA) who lives on-site. That means there is someone in the home to help with the difficult early stages of sobriety. The House Manager or RCA is also able to quickly handle issues that may arise in the house, from technical or housing issues to personality conflicts. These individual and Program Coordinators also run house meetings and ensure residents are living up to the program requirements.

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