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Sober living homes for women in Texas and Colorado

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Our women sober living homes are clean, accountable, comfortable and structured homes. All of our women’s sober living homes all full furnished. Eudaimonia’s women bedrooms are single platform beds, not bunk beds. Each women’s room is equipped with a flat screen t.v. with cable, we broad cast wifi throughout the whole home. Our women sober living home has a washer, dryer, laundry detergent, cooking and eating utensils. Our women sober home accountability structure is maintained by a Program Coordinator and a House Manager, providing availability to staff around the clock.

Women Sober Living in Austin, Texas

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes offers sober living for women in Austin, Texas at three different locations:

  • North Austin
  • North Central Austin
  • Central Austin.

They are all located near a bus route and local shopping centers.

Women Sober Living in Houston, Texas

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes offers women-only sober living in Houston, Texas. Our facility is a residential home, on a three-quarter acre lot, a walking distance from our recovery office. Our sober living for women is judiciously a part of our sober living community, and hosts recovery meeting that are conducted by the Houston recovery community throughout the day.

Women Sober Living in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Our women sober home in Colorado Springs, located in a beautiful, scenic environment, provides serene environment to women who wish to work on their long-term recovery skills. This gender-specific home in Colorado Springs is located in a nice area of town near a bus route and local shopping centers.

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