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Houston Staff

Caring, experienced sober living staff at your service

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Meet our Houston Staff and Leadership

Julie BoonJulie Boon-Billing and Collections Specialist

Julie is a native Houstonian, and discovered a new freedom in recovery in 1987. Her professional career began as an interior designer and manager with an exclusive furniture dealer in Houston through 2001. Having a passion for creating safe spaces for others and for customer service, Julie and her husband Steve purchased Extended Aftercare Inc. in 2005, which previously served as a 90-day residential substance abuse facility in Houston. In 2014, she was thrilled to join the team at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes and implement the ERH model at their Houston campus. Julie currently serves as Billing and Collection Specialist for Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, as well as providing financial and operational support for the Houston campus. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, fishing and volunteer work for a women’s empowerment organization. She is married to Steve Boon, and they share their home with three very special cats.

Nancy ShumanNancy Shuman- AMP Manager

My name is Nancy Shuman, and I am a women in recovery. As of 2015, I have seven plus years walking this path of recovery and am blessed to have a life beyond my wildest dreams. I have two boys who are 19 and 20. I have a significant other that has been in my life for four and half years and it is the healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in. Life if plentiful today and I can walk today with my head held high with grace and dignity.

I became a part of the recovery field in June of 2011 and have loved every day of it. I joined the Nova Recovery Center team in July of 2012. I am the current AMP Manager in Houston, Texas, for the Eudaimonia Recovery Homes. I work directly with our clients that live in the homes on a daily basis. I help them navigate the small nuances that come with being newly sober. I hold them accountable to their behavior, by showing how to turn a negative situation in to a growth opportunity. With every situation that they walk through, is an opportunity for them to grow. Working with the families on a weekly basis as a liaison between the client and the family member to help rebuild the broken relationship. Along with helping the client build a solid foundation in recovery for the next step in life. It is an extremely rewarding job, with extremely happy endings.

Greg GermanyGregory Germany, LCDC- IOP

Gregory Germany is married to his wonderful wife Charlynn Germany for 14 yrs. Two great kids Khriston 23, Astaria (Star) 12. I’ve been in the field of Substance Abuse for 18 yrs. I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity of working alongside of some the great minds in the field of Chemical Dependency. Some of the people have mentored, educated, encouraged and supported me in my journey as a Substance Abuse Counselor and I am so grateful for their compassion, kindness and love. I have been truly blessed to have a career and calling on my life that has allowed me to help and support countless men and women in their efforts to recover. My relationship with the Boon’s, Steve and Julie, has been more that I could have imagined or deserved, they have been my friends, confidants and sister and brother. I am so grateful to have Steve and Julie in my life. My new Eudaimonia and Nova family has been very supportive and patient and has shown a commitment to excellent in client care, that has been refreshing and gratifying. I hope to be able to continue to work for the company for many years to come and to be able to help in the process of growing Eudaimonia and Nova into the best substance abuse client care program in the world. To God Be the Glory!!!

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Sober Living in Houston, Texas

sober living homes in TexasOur sober living in Houston Texas homes, are design for individuals who have recently graduated from an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab. The sober living in Houston, Texas structure is designed for individuals to continue a life of sobriety. Each resident of the sober living in Houston, Texas homes is assigned a sober coach and a house manager. This two person team will ensure each resident's experience is safe, clean and accountable. For more information about sober living in Texas contact us today!

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