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Extended Care

Long-term drug and alcohol rehab centers

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What is Extended Care?

Extended Care is a drug and alcohol rehab industry term to describe an extended therapeutic environment, after the completion of detox and inpatient substance abuse treatment care. An extended care therapeutic environment provides additional structure and support, combined with an intense outpatient treatment level of care and/or a partial hospitalization level of care. In this type of therapeutic environment, residents practice and learn additional recovery and therapeutic skills, to assist them with a full transition into a sober life style. For optimal results, we recommend attending our six-week extended care program for men.

Who is a good fit for an Extended Care Program?

An Extended Care program is designed for individuals needing additional structure and clinical support, after completing an inpatient residential treatment program. Our Extended Care program is a perfect fit for individuals that have struggled with the transition from a 24 hour supervised inpatient rehab facility to a structured sober living home. In addition, the program could be a good option for an individual that has recently relapsed, and is having difficulty committing to an additional inpatient rehab stay. Our program allows for individuals to receive continued therapeutic and clinical support, while receiving additional guidance and practice with the recovery and therapeutic tools they have received while attending an alcohol and drug rehab facility. Regardless of the number of days spent in a rehab, our extended after care program can provide all individuals additional structure and clinical support to ensure a successful transition into a life of sobriety.

What is the difference between an Extended Care Program and a Sober Living Program?

A structured sober living program is a key component in a successful life of sobriety. In our extended care program for men, clients’ daily activities and events are scheduled and structured. In a sober living program, residents are required to obtain daily employment. During the extended care program, clients are participating in a continued therapeutic curriculum, consisting for 10 hours of clinical programming a week, recovery programming, life skills and meal prep classes. During the sober living phase, our male residents are responsible for their own food and cooking needs. In addition, the oversight of a sober living program is conducted through the use of a house manager and/or a program coordinator. During the extended care program, clients have access to direct care staff 24 hours a day. Transportation is provided for clients to clinical programming, recovery meeting and fitness.

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