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LGBTQ Sober Living in Austin

LGBTQ Men-Only sober living in Austin Texas

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LGBTQ Men’s Sober Living in Austin Texas

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes offers LGBTQ Men’s sober living in Austin Texas at their Scott Daniel Home. Located in North Central Austin, the Scott Daniel Home shares proximity to bus routes, shopping and the Austin Galano Club. The home is also located near the Capital Metro bus route, has ample vehicle parking and is a short commute to the University of Texas at Austin.

Eudaimonia’s LGBTQ Men’s sober living in Austin Texas home, is completely furnished and each room is equipped with a flat screen tv, bedding, and dressers. There is broadcasted Wi-Fi throughout the whole home and each resident has access to a washer, dryer, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and a fully-stocked kitchen with dishware and eating utensils. In most cases, each room sleeps two men, but occasionally a resident may have their own room depending on need.

Published in the Addiction Professional Literature, Our Scott Daniel Home is believed to be only one of three recovery homes for LGBTQ men in the United States. Each resident must make a commitment of at least 90 days or more at the home, are required to attend at least three support meetings per week and must be involved in work, school or volunteer work while at the house.

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Our Scott Daniel Home

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