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Sober living homes for men in Texas and Colorado

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Our men sober living homes is a quite, clean, comfortable, accountable and structured homes. All of our men’s sober living homes all full furnished. Therefore each room is equipped with a flat screen t.v. with cable, we broad cast wifi throughout the whole home.Rather than using bunk beds, each room is outfitted with platform beds. Finally, our sober living home for men has a washer, dryer, laundry detergent, cooking and eating utensils.

Apartment Sober Living in Austin Texas

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes offers a sober living apartment community in Austin, Texas, whose program is designed for men only.  This comfortable, recovery-friendly environment truly offers a unique sober living experience in Austin. Click below to explore our apartment Austin sober living offer.

Sober Living in Austin Texas

Our sober living in Austin, Texas facilities are designed for men in recovery. Due to a large Austin recovery community, we provide multiple locations for sober living in Austin Texas. As a result, our housing extends from North Austin to Central Austin. Finally, all of our sober living in Austin homes are located near a bus route and local shopping centers.

Sober Living in Houston Texas

Another mens’ sober living option is sober living in Houston Texas. Since Houston Texas is a major city, we provide several sober living for men homes in Houston, Texas. As a result, our men sober living homes are comprised of several residential homes, on a single street, forming a sober living community. Finally, our sober living for men community, also has a meeting hall with recovery meeting conducted by the Houston recovery community throughout the day.

Sober Living in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes offers a men sober home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We provide a beautiful, scenic environment for men sober living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. With the backdrop of the Pikes Peak mountain line, our sober home for men is located near local shopping areas and a bus route.

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